About the Prophet 21 Worldwide User Group

Welcome to the Prophet 21 World Wide Users Group! The group is committed to helping its members get the most out of their investment in the premier distribution software available, Epicor Prophet 21 (formerly CommerceCenter). This group is totally independent of Epicor; however, we do work closely with management and staff at Epicor.

P21WWUG is a non-profit organization consisting of companies who use and support Prophet 21, a distribution software developed and sold by Epicor Software. Prophet 21 is a client-server software solution, that runs on a Microsoft Windows for the client with a Microsoft SQL Server backend. The software is currently called Prophet 21, but in the past was called CommerceCenter.

The P21WWUG allows paid member companies access to this web site and enrollment to our group web based discussion forums. Users may access Crystal Reports, SQL, MS Excel, and other files (upload or download) and submit questions and share answers via the forums. We also promote Prophet 21 related educational opportunities throughout the year and sponsor local user groups.

As you become involved in the group you will quickly learn that we all experience many of the same types of issues running our businesses day to day. As a group member you are automatically eligible to be on our forums. On the forums, group members share ideas, ask questions, and troubleshoot the software or business practice. The forums provide an invaluable asset to our member businesses. Many have used the ideas they have seen come across to streamline many processes in their businesses. Others have used the forums to find the answer to a problem they had over a weekend when Epicor was closed. Members of our Group are always open to help a friend in need.

Through the forums, users can upload Crystal Reports and SQL Queries that users have developed to help their businesses which may help you in yours. Members can download those reports and queries with just a change to the database pointer. You and your business benefit from the work that someone else did for you!

As a part of your membership with the group, you as the primary contact have automatically been added to the user forums. If other members of your company would like to be on the user forums, you will be able to add them.

Current annual dues for a member business are $500, and the dues are prorated based on the month you join.

On behalf of the membership the Board of Directors welcomes you aboard and we all look forward to getting to know you. Please feel free to contact any of the Officers if we can be of service in helping you get started.

An Interview with the P21WWUG


"The P21WWUG has been an invaluable source of P21 knowledge for me. I can count on information from actual users who have faced similar situations and worked out best-practice methods of handling the challenges of the system. Due to the fantastic members of the group, I can almost always find out how to make something work for us."

"We joined (the P21WWUG) and have repeatedly said it is the best investment we have made so far. The wealth of knowledge and ideas is surpassed only by the member's willingness to assist you from the very basic questions to complex reports and SQL queries."

"The P21WWUG is wonderful. Without feedback about bugs experienced by other users, I'd be lost, and we would have lost many customers due to some terrible bugs. I like helping out with programming or SQL issues because I always learn something or figure out how someone else is using the software in ways I didn't expect. It also gives me a sense of camaraderie that I'm not alone in struggling with these things alone. 2 years in and I'm still watching Webinars and learning new things about how to make p21 do what it needs to do."

"I don't think I could say enough nice things about the P21WWUG. From the expertise (and willingness to share that expertise) of all things P21 and beyond exhibited by its members, to the "clout" the group brings to negotiations with Epicor, it's by far the best investment our company could have made, once the decision to purchase P21 was also made. The P21WWUG is simply an invaluable resource, and I shudder to think of where we would be had we been foolish enough not to avail ourselves of the incredible generosity and support its users bring to the table."

"Membership to this user group has been invaluable to me personally and for our company. The forum has a wealth of knowledge built on a healthy exchange of information with a bit of banter thrown in, making the whole experience great for new and veteran members alike. And did I mention the webinars; They’re worth the price of admission alone!"

"As for the user's group, nothing I can say does any justice to the value we have received over the years. Everyone is always willing to share solutions, experiences and even go out of their way to write SQL queries (or help to resolve issues with them), which would be billable if you went through Epicor. The only drive behind this user group is to help others."